Autonomes Fahren: Warum Werbung im Auto schlecht fürs Geschäft ist!

Sehr interessanter Artikel, warum Werbung in Autonomen Fahrzeugen toxisch für das Geschäftsmodell ist.

Never mind the fact that vehicle occupants will find yet another part of their day intruded upon by blinking, button-pushing distractions, losing time they might have spent in quiet contemplation (or, sigh, looking at their own smartphones).
If vehicles do become rolling smartphones, “platforms” for a variety of ad-supported videos, apps, games, and services, we can expect the same incentives to take over transportation that dominate online services like Facebook or Candy Crush. To wit: Cars will want more of your time and attention.
The only way to spend time with a car is to drive somewhere in it. Insofar as they get revenue from advertising, owners of shared vehicle fleets will want more people to go more places in cars. Their revenue will rise with VMT, so they will strive to maximize VMT.
Hitching ad revenue to VMT would put the industry squarely in opposition to other, non-car modes of transit and make it an enemy of good urban planning. It would strengthen short-term gratification and weaken long-term foresight — and foresight is already difficult enough to come by in transportation planning.
It used to be boasted of every new innovation that it would make some old legacy system “more like the internet.” That boast carries a somewhat more ominous tone these days. Maybe there are some features of the internet we don’t want to export.

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