Autonomes Fahren: Was bedeutet Argo.AI für Ford und Volkswagen?


Sehr interessanter Artikel über die Möglichkeiten von Argo.AI aufgrund der Zusammenarbeit von Volkswagen und Ford. Lesenswert!

Perhaps the two most notable players in this field other than Tesla, from my perspective, are Zoox (because it was just bought by Amazon, which has potential to develop its tech at an enormous scale) and Argo.AI (company site here). Why Argo.AI? Well, not being an AI expert and not having much insight into the details of the various startups anyway, it’s not from some analysis of Argo.AI’s competitive advantage. It mostly (but not entirely) comes down to its potential to quickly collect data at a massive scale. (Though, potential is a key word there.)

From what I hear time and time again, scale of data collection is critical. Any self-driving tech without this (in the real world, not simulations) is hopeless. Any self-driving tech with a large advantage in scale is several leagues above most of the competition. The problem so far is that no one has seemed to have a path to massive-scale data collection. GM seems to have good tech (Cruise), but there’s no indication GM is building mass-market vehicles around that tech in order to get it out on the road at an enormous scale. It’s still testing in small quantities at a small scale in vehicles not built around autonomy (as far as I can see) and GM hasn’t announced any revolutionary change in how it designs cars in order to maximize the potential of this tech.

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