Autonomes Fahren: Wer investiert am meisten?


Wer investiert am meisten in das Autonome Fahren? Interessanter Beitrag dazu.

The investment into the autonomous vehicle industry has reached over $100 billion, with the leader in spending investing more than half of this number, according to a report by Leasing Options.

The report indicated that Volkswagen is driving the charge when it comes to driverless technology with an investment of $54.2 billion and 57 percent share in total industry investment of self-driving cars.

Right behind Volkswagen is Samsung, spending a reported $8 billion on driverless technology followed behind by Ford ($5.39 billion) and Toyota ($4.32 billion). Rounding out the investment category is Daimler at $3.04 billion, BMW at $3 billion, and Audi at $3 billion, the report said.

According to the study, in the middle of the pack is Honda, spending $2.76 billion, Softbank, investing $2.27 billion, Kia with a $2 billion investment, and Hyundai also with a $2 billion investment in self-driving vehicle technologies.

Spending the least on its driverless vehicle programs is Volvo at $308 million with Apple, General Motors, and Uber just ahead at $1 billion, $1.5 billion, and $1.88 billion, respectively.

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