Autonomes Fahren: Wie bereiten sich Städte vor?


Interessanter Beitrag über die notwendigen Vorbereitungen von Städten für das autonome Fahren, hier am Beispiel Ontario in Kanada.

Another key finding — and a measure of the comprehensiveness of the study — is that Toronto’s political framework remains ill-suited to a comprehensive solution. For instance, the study delineates between federal, provincial and municipal responsibilities, but then goes on to note that Toronto and its 34 independently governed municipalities is debilitated by political “fragmentation [that will] increase the risk that there might be divergent aims and strategies when it comes to AVs.” London, as an example, has 32 local authorities, but all transportation policy falls under the purview of the mayor of London and a Transport for London agency. Even Montreal, seldom purported as a model of infrastructure efficiency, centralizes the AV decisions of all its 82 municipalities. Such centralization will be crucial if self-driving cars are to be able to roam throughout the GTA.

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