Autonomes Fahren: Wie hat Audi das erste Fahrzeug mit Level 3 gebaut?

Interessanter Artikel darüber, wie Audi es geschafft hat, das erste Level 3 Serienfahrzeug auf die Straße zu bringen.

While Tesla cars can drive themselves for minutes on end at highway speeds and perform decisive overtakes, the bottom line is that the driver is still responsible for his or her safety and that of other road users. Not so in the A8.

'In very certain circumstances you can hand over the driving task to the car itself, and the car drives itself and monitors everything itself,' explains Reuter. 'The driver can do something else while being driven in the car, for example, watch videos.'

This hands-off and eyes-off driving, Audi proclaims, is Level 3 autonomy. The company decries everything else on the market as Level 2, where driver assistance systems such as Active Cruise Control and Lane Departure Warning work together to propel the car.

'With them, you’re always responsible,' says Reuter. 'That’s the difference with the A8, you hand over the driving task to the vehicle and the vehicle takes charge. Even if they call it piloted, it’s a driver assistance system.'
Sounds good. So what’s Audi’s special sauce?

No surprises that technology is crucial, with Audi claiming the world’s first automotive laser scanner to enhance the car’s vision. This is mounted in the lower grille beneath the registration plate, and provides a 145˚ viewing angle at a range of 80 metres. The laser beams (yes, frickin' lasers, Austin Powers' fans) are reflected back from objects up ahead in less than a millisecond and processed, to provide a picture of the environment in front.

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