Autonomes Fahren: Wie sieht das Kundenfeedback bei Waymo aus?

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Interessanter Beitrag über die ersten Kundenerfahrungen und -beschwerden beim Autonomen Fahren von Waymo.

Passengers complained about weird drop-offs, circuitous routes, and shaky driving. Others praised the service for navigating tricky traffic situations. (The Information also published a more complete breakdown of the data it reviewed here.) A majority of trips take place with human safety drivers behind the wheel who typically keep their hands in their laps as the vehicle drives itself. Waymo has offered some passengers rides in fully driverless vehicles, with no safety driver but in limited geographic areas.
The complaint rate in Silicon Valley was 47 percent, which is higher than the total complaint rate for the two months’ worth of data. This may be because Waymo encourages its employees to be tough reviewers while using the self-driving taxi service, an unnamed employee told The Information. The terrain in Silicon Valley is tougher than suburban Phoenix, with more density, narrower roads, and more pedestrians and cyclists.

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