Autonomes Fahren: Wie sieht die Werkstatt der Zukunft aus?


Wie sieht die Autowerkstatt der Zukunft aus? Spannende Vision.

Holographic and augmented reality technology will be built into vehicles to enable drivers to fix minor problems at the roadside, with assistance from professional mechanics remotely.

„Ultra-connected“ cars mean diagnosing car conundrums could be as easy as the car itself telling the engineer what the issue is – sometimes even before anything has gone wrong.

Robotic assistants will do the tricky stuff – just like they do in car factories now.
Waiting for a spare part to come into stock could become a thing of the past: thanks to on-site 3D printers, mechanics will be able to create replacement spare parts on demand.

Professionals also foresee that driverless cars may be able to drive themselves to the garage to be checked, meaning people won’t need to arrange their day around a regular service.

Customers will also be able to speak with mechanics via video calls.

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