Autonomes Fahren: Wie teuer ist die Technologie bei Waymo?


Die Kosten für die Technologie hinter dem Autonomen Fahren scheinen massiv zu sinken, zumindest am Beispiel Waymo. Interessant!

The effort—including paying hundreds of engineers for years of work—is not cheap. Nor is the output. Numbers are scarce here: In 2012, the company said its vehicles required about $150,000 worth of specialized equipment. In 2017, Waymo reported it had dropped the price of its lidar by 90 percent, to about $7,500. So the drive to reduce costs—especially for vehicles meant for the not-necessarily-lucrative taxi and delivery business—is easy to understand. This week, Waymo announced its first external investment, a $2.25 billion round led by Silver Lake, the Canada Pension Plan Investment Board, and the Mubadala Investment Company. Until this round, Waymo was funded by its parent company, Alphabet.

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