Autonomes Fahren: Wie viele Autos werden 2025 auf den Straßen erwartet?

Wie viele Autonome Fahrzeuge werden 2025 auf den Straßen erwartet? Schauen wir es uns an.

According to ABI, a marketing firm, roughly 8 million vehicles will be shipped that year with self-driving capabilities of level 3 or higher. For those unaware, autonomous driving levels range from 0 through 5, more of which is explained right here. In any regard, 8 million level 3-and-higher autonomous driving cars doesn't sound like that many. In 2017, 94.5 million vehicles were sold globally. Using that figure, just 8.5% of sales would be for these autonomous cars. But also consider how impressive level 3 driving is. A big shift happens from level 2 to level 3 autonomous driving, that being that the vehicle is capable of monitoring its surroundings rather than requiring the driver to do so. Many consider Tesla Inc (TSLA)  , with its Autopilot feature, to be one of the best self-driving features on the road today. That however is only considered level 2 driving and only one company has a production car coming with level 3 right now, which is the Audi A8. That doesn't mean the driver shouldn't pay attention, only that the car is capable of maneuvering most of the scenarios it encounters. Level 4 driving puts us close to fully autonomous driving. Given that we have essentially 0 cars on the road today that are level 3, 8 million in just 6.5 years sounds pretty impressive.

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