Autonomes Fahren: Yandex startet Partnerschaft mit Uber

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Yandex geht eine Partnerschaft mit Uber ein, um seine autonomen Fahrzeuge in die USA zu bringen.

Before the spin-off, Yandex NV’s self-driving car business unit was part of MLU BV, a subsidiary focused on ride-hailing and foodtech that was also a joint venture between Yandex and Uber. Yandex.Drive, another partnership with Uber, has about 16,000 cars across several Russian cities for ride-hailing and food delivery, otherwise known as Uber’s bread and butter. Before the Yandex SDG spin-off was announced, Yandex NV was considering buying out Uber’s portion of MLU, according to Bloomberg Technology. Yandex entered the self-driving space in 2017 and today operates 130 autonomous vehicles that have been tested by driving over four million miles in Russia, the U.S. and Israel, the company said.

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