Baidu: Schneller als Google bei autonomen Fahren?

Spannende Lektüre hier und die Erkenntnis warum China's Baidu bei autonomen Fahren schneller sein könnte als Google.

Autonomous driving stands out because Baidu has better algorithms than local peers to teach cars to recognize objects and avoid collisions — a point of pride for Baidu as safety is the top concern for this futuristic technology, according to Zhang Xueru, an analyst at Shanghai-based research firm 86 Research. Deng Zhidong, a professor of computer science at Tsinghua University, isn’t as optimistic but agreed that Baidu is among China’s handful of internet companies capable of catching up with Google, as it has the country’s biggest self-driving research investment that includes two research labs in Silicon Valley.

“Baidu’s advantage mainly lies in deep learning, including algorithm and software,” he said.

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