CASE: Wie wollen Fahrer ihr Fahrzeugerlebnis verbessern? Google weiß es.

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Spannende Studie hier von Google: der Auto Trends Reports 2018 zeigt die Wünsche von Autofahrer zur Verbesserung ihrer Fahrzeugerlebnisse. Gibt es zum Download unten unter „weiterlesen“.

To determine how drivers are looking to improve their car experiences, we identified the biggest search trends in the sector by pulling top-volume queries related to the automotive category. For this report, we looked beyond Google Search to YouTube data. We also spoke to over 1,000 consumers across three markets to better understand how the trends manifest in people’s lives.

This allowed us to uncover trends unique to three major markets: the U.S., Germany, and Japan. Americans are outfitting their cars for their pets. Germans seem obsessed with digital radio and other updates. And the Japanese are turning their cars into living rooms.

But across all markets, we see a consistent trend in consumers searching to bring on-board cameras into their vehicles. Many cars already feature back-up cameras, but car shoppers are looking for different types of cameras to meet different needs as they prioritize safety and security.

This creates an opportunity for camera and accessory marketers, but the auto industry should also be thinking about how to integrate new styles of on-board cameras directly into vehicle design.

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