Case: Wohin fließen die Investments und was sind die Trends?

Wer die aktuellen Trends in der Mobilität verstehen bzw. vorhersehen will, der sollte mal einen genauen Blick auf die Investments der Startups richten. Super spannend! Klickt auf „weiterlesen“ unten für noch detailliertere Einsichten. Must read!

  • Autonomous driving. As of 2016, only one in 100 vehicles sold were equipped with technology that enabled basic, Level 2 autonomous-driving (AD) features. (Here, we use SAE International’s definitions as laid out in SAE J3016; Level 2 refers to partial automation.) However, 47 percent of consumers surveyed in a 2017 McKinsey survey on mobility say they would feel good if their family members used AD technology.
  • Connectivity. Internet-connected infotainment systems are the platforms for delivering a growing set of services to drivers. Most OEMs are already equipping their premium vehicles with fully connected systems, but monetization is weak. However, 40 percent of car owners would switch to another brand for better connectivity—a figure that’s twice as high as it was three years ago.
  • Electrification. Less than 5 percent of vehicles sold in 2016 had some type of electric motor. However, in a recent survey, 77 percent of respondents said the electrification of vehicles will make a material difference in reducing environmental impact, and 23 percent would consider an electric car for their next purchase.
  • Smart mobility. The range of alternative models for vehicle ownership and usage is diverse and includes car sharing and e-hailing. The fraction of passenger miles traveled using these services today is small, but our customer surveys showed that 67 percent of car owners plan to increase their use of car sharing in the next two years.
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