CES 2018: Was sich Automobilhersteller anschauen sollten!

Schöne Zusammenfassung hier an spannenden Themen, die sich Automobilhersteller auf der CES 2018 unbedingt anschauen sollten.

Mercedes Benz will be unveiling its new infotainment system MBUX. The company has already given a sneak-peak into the system. The question remains whether the system will support Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

Electra Meccanica, a Canadian automaker will be debuting its one seater EV. The three-wheeler will cost just $15,500 but will reportedly provide 100 miles of range, three-hour charging, and a top speed of 85 miles per hour.

Computer vision company AEye will be unveiling its iDAR environment scanning technology for AVs. The system uses a variation of LiDAR technology.

Lyft and Aptiv, autonomous tech startup from Israel, will be unveiling a fully-autonomous taxi service. Aptiv’s tech will integrate with Lyft’s dispatching system to shuffle attendees to 20 or so destinations in Vegas.

Honda will not be showing off autonomous driving technology, but instead will unveil its 3E Robotics Concept. The robots are designed to assist people in disaster recovery, recreation and learning.

Toyota is rumored to be announcing a widespread availability of its Mobility Service Platform and Smart Key Box that it debuted last year. The systems allow car owners to provide access to their vehicles via smartphones.

Nissan will be presenting its new technology that taps into the brain of a driver, decreasing response time of a car. The company calls it Brain-to-Vehicle technology.

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Quelle: blog.mobiag.com