Connected Car: 100 Millionen Zeilen Code, 300GB Daten pro Stunde

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Unsere Autos sind bereits fahrende Computer. Um das begreifbarer zu machen, anbei ein paar interessante Zahlen: 100 Millionen Zeilen Code, 300GB Daten pro Stunde!

Cars are continually gaining new capabilities: using innovative driver assistance systems, they can recognize hazards and automatically brake in critical situations. By exchanging information with other cars or transportation infrastructure, Car-to-X communication (C2X) will enable vehicles to detect hazards before they become threats.

This progressive automation and networking will make transportation much safer: up to 6.5 billion euros per year in economic costs resulting from road traffic accidents could be saved simply with the widespread implementation of C2X.

These technological upheavals in the automotive industry are changing the nature of automobiles. They are becoming more and more like computers on wheels. On average, about 100 million lines of programming code already go into a modern car. The fact that these cars have more and more capabilities and functions also means that they are collecting and processing more data. Experts assume that automated vehicles will produce 300 gigabytes of data in a single hour.

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