Connected Car: Adobe will an die Fahrzeugdaten

Jetzt möchte auch Adobe Zugriff auf die Daten aus dem Auto und diese analysieren. Was sind die Pläne?

One of the reasons that Adobe Analytics is entering the connected car space in terms of insights and bridging those insights with mobile app insights and web insights and voice assistant insights is that a lot of the EOMs and car manufacturers now realize that, for them to stay afloat in a very volatile market, they need to extend their brand beyond the car, and they need to provide services, specifically digital services, that persist and have a better brand experience with the consumer with more value in other places. So the reason that we've been starting to collect in-car analytics and merge that with mobile app analytics is because there's lots more personalized experiences that brands can give based on their usage and what they need, based on their tastes, whether it's music types, whether it's how they drive their car or services that they need for maintenance, whether it's promoting things based on their location or tastes and preference in what they like to consume in terms of coffee types or food, and really kind of understanding how the data in the car, which is really the next mobile device, influences other channels. So for instance, if someone might be looking for a new particular car, and the OEM understands that that user's lease is going to be up soon, but they haven't treated the car very well. They can use telematics data to inform whether they're going to provide the same lease terms or not. Or likewise, if a car company wants to do a revenue share based on location as they're doing now with a lot of e-commerce plays within the car, they can have a promotion of a particular gas type, or they could have a promotion of a particular food type based on the habits of the user. And it all or works to be a better user experience overall because they're blending experiences from different channels, and it helps the OEMs get into new businesses that they haven't been able to touch before, whether it's media or retail finance, a whole bunch of different areas there.

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