Connected Car: Aktuell wenig Vertrauen in Datensammler

Interessante Studie von Here zum Vertrauen in sogenannte Datensammler. Die komplette Studie gibt es übrigens auch zum Download.

Concerns that companies are abusing public trust in the way they gather and use location data mean a fundamental rethink is needed in order for people to embrace new services such as autonomous cars and drone deliveries, according to a major new study by HERE Technologies.

Today, just 20% of people feel they have full control over their personal location data, with 44% sharing location data with apps and service providers unintentionally, despite trying to restrict access. Some 76% people are left feeling stressed or vulnerable about sharing their location data, according to the study.

Insufficient controls for management of personal data, coupled with a lack of transparency on the part of data collectors, are the main reasons why respondents felt trust was being abused. The research gathered the views of more than 8,000 people across eight countries and included in-depth interviews with international privacy experts.

Other key findings included:

Around 65% of people have shared their location data with an app or service provider at least once
Just a quarter of respondents said they were aware of what happens with their location data once it is collected
Despite expressing major concerns about sharing their location data, the clear majority do not actively engage with their location data settings on their devices
Less than a fifth trust in laws and regulations to protect against misuse of their location data
Less than a fifth trust that services collecting their location data will handle their data appropriately

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