Connected Car: Aktueller Status bei Mercedes Benz


Interessanter Einblick in den Stand der V2X-Technologie bei Mercedes-Benz.

In the new Mercedes Benz E-Class, when the driver approaches a hazardous area there is an audible (voice) and visual warning on the dash. This allows the driver enough time to prepare for the situation by adjusting their driving habits, including slowing down. A driver can also send a warning to other vehicles manually, the same way the popular navigation app Waze prompts users to report accidents and disabled vehicles along their route. The V2X safety network originates from a simple principle, according to Mercedes Benz, which is that „every vehicle with Car-to-X technology can simultaneously and autonomously receive and send warnings.“Car-to-X Communication can also network with smart city traffic infrastructure, such as traffic lights and roadside sensors, helping to keep traffic flowing more efficiently.The technology is considered an important precursor before fully-autonomous vehicles can be deployed on public roads.

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