Connected Car: Amazon schließt Partnerschaft mit HERE

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Sehr interessante Kooperation zwischen Amazon und HERE und der Beweis dafür, dass bei einem interessanten Produkt auch amerikanische Unternehmen auf europäische Anbieter aufmerksam werden.

The partnership with HERE Technologies – which is owned by shareholders including BMW, Audi, Daimler and silicon-chip maker Intel – allows Amazon to stream Alexa from house to car, connect with the mobile phone, relay navigation instructions, select and play music, open the garage door, locate shops and thousands of other services.

Ultimately, the partnership with HERE will allow Amazon’s Alexa to expand from cars and homes into the road system and surroundings, connecting with traffic monitors and weather stations with the aim of then becoming the central data unit for autonomous vehicles.

The move comes at a time when analysts are predicting that customer-focused communications and mobility technology products will become the largest drivers of revenue in the forthcoming move to electric and autonomous vehicles.

It also opens up more opportunities for dealers to supply these connectivity systems as well as tutor new-car customers to use these systems.

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