Connected Car: AMD Ryzen Prozessoren beeinflussen anscheinend Reichweite


Interessanter Artikel über den Einfluß der AMD Ryzen Chips bei Tesla auf die Reichweite.

The AMD Ryzen processor (MCU3) in the new Model 3/Model Y, which accelerates the entire infotainment/navigation (just like in the Model S/Model X), affects the range of the cars.

Let’s recall that the AMD Ryzen is now used instead of the Intel Atom (there will be no retrofits for already produced cars). It uses more power to increase computing power, which directly translates to higher energy consumption and slightly less range.

It’s probably a very small decrease in range, but big enough that it requires updated range ratings and even customer confirmations (at least in some markets) that they agree on the reduced range.

Most recently, Teslascope shared info provided by a Model 3 buyer in Australia, who was asked whether he accepted less range – 22 km (14 miles) or 3.5% less:

„We have updated Model 3 vehicles to optimize the touch screen experience with our new car computer. This hardware change requires more power, resulting in a minor drop in range. Your Model 3 range is now 602 kilometers (WLTP), 22 kilometers less than originally communicated.“

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