Connected Car: Audi, Ford, Ducati zeigen C-V2X Navigation

Audi, Ford und Ducati haben auf der CES ein C-V2X Navigationssystem demonstriert. Beeindruckend!

The demonstrations will feature both Audi and Ford vehicles, as well as Ducati Multistrada 1260 motorcycles, all of which are equipped with C-V2X technology which uses Qualcomm’s9150 C-V2X chipset. The vehicles will demonstrate how the technology works in the example of a four-way intersection without traffic signals, showing how the vehicles can behave co-cooperatively to negotiate right of way and deal with conditions where the driver has no line of sight to the object they are avoiding. The no-line-of-sight case is exactly the kind of situation where C-V2X can benefit drivers in terms of safety and convenience.
Other safety scenarios to be demonstrated include vehicles interacting with other vehicles, vehicles avoiding pedestrians, and vehicles navigating around infrastructure. In particular, the companies want to demonstrate the Intersection Movement Assist (IMA) feature which should prevent vehicles from running into each other in angle collisions at intersections.

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