Connected Car: Audi’s Infotainment-System vermeidet rote Ampeln

Audi's neues Infotainment-System hilft dabei, optimal die Grünphasen an Ampeln zu erwischen und rote Ampeln möglichst zu vermeiden.

Audi can’t help you avoid red lights entirely, but its Traffic Light Information system, which is available on all of Audi’s models except A3 and TT, can tell you what to expect from traffic signals. The technology is currently working in 13 metropolitan areas with more than 4,600 intersections, and those numbers are growing.

Audi piloted this program on a few models with the city of Las Vegas back in 2016, but it has been adding cities and models ever since, until now it is gaining critical mass. And Audi is now adding features to the TLI, so now it can also tell drivers when a green light is going to turn red.

It works like this: As you’re driving along toward an intersection the car communicates with a light that’s equipped with the technology. If that light is red—or is going to be when you get there—a traffic signal icon appears either on the car’s head-up display, dashboard display, or both. As you’re waiting, a countdown will let you know how long you have before it turns green.

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