Connected Car: BMW mit Details zu Android Auto und Over-The-Air Updates


Interessante Einsichten in die Integration von Android Auto bei BMW und möglichen Over-The-Air-Updates.

BMW Australia’s Product Planning Executive, Prabs Datar, told the press that all cars currently running iDrive 7.0 (BMW’s own operating system) would be able to receive the latest upgrades, including Android Auto, via over-the-air updates. Datar told the press that BMW wants “to make sure the infotainment system in the car can be updated without having to take your car to a dealership.” This user-friendly approach extends to the way in which these upgrades can be downloaded and installed, with BMW giving its customers a choice on how they wish to do so. While the updates are downloadable over-the-air via a SIM card, customers can choose to have them downloaded to their phone (via Wi-Fi) at their own convenience and then transferred to the car the next time they drive it. After a short pre-installation period, upgrades will take around 20 minutes to install, during which time the car must be stationary and will not be drivable.

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