Connected Car: Bugatti macht Predictive Maintenance der besonderen Art

Sehr interessanter Artikel über Connected Car bei Bugatti. Da fließen eine Menge Telemetrie-Daten!

The telemetry system allows two-way communication, not only from the Bugatti to the customer service centre but also vice versa. Customer Service can transmit data to the vehicle in order to change configurations or, to a certain extent, to carry out software updates. This sophisticated technology is not packaged in a particularly spectacular way. The Customer Service laptop “talks” to an aluminium box in the vehicle which is only 140 mm wide, 50 mm high and 100 mm long. Despite its small size and light weight, the box is packed with power, housing eight vehicle networks such as CAN (Controlled Area Network) buses. An on-board network links the various controllers of the vehicle. The control mechanisms, which have greatly increased in number, exchange data as in a telephone conference call. The telemetry box listens in to these communications in an event-controlled way, recording diagnostic information from at least 30 control units in the vehicle and forwarding it in encrypted form to customer service depending on the requests received from Molsheim. In addition to everyday technical support, the tracking of stolen vehicles is a feature of the telemetry system that is highly appreciated by customers. While owners of a Veyron still had to report the theft of their Bugatti to Molsheim personally in order to activate the stolen vehicle tracking system, the Chiron will draw attention to itself automatically using the telemetry system in situations that are unusual for the car, for example if it is transported by truck. “Our telemetry system has taken a gigantic leap forwards in almost all respects,” Uffmann explains. “We were already able to do a lot for customers in the case of the Veyron,” he adds. He says that stolen vehicle tracking is part of the service, adding a spectacular example to the everyday topics. “In some cases, we have even been able to find customers’ vehicles before the thieves were able to cross the border.”

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