Connected Car: Das kann Fiat Chrysler’s neues Infotainment

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Sehr interessante Einsichten in das neue Infotainment-System von Fiat Chrysler.

The redesigned touchscreens powered by the Android Auto operating system will begin appearing on vehicles later this year. The new chip can process up to 50 billion instructions per second and holds up to 6 gigabytes of RAM. Three available screen orientations will help the system to be incorporated across Fiat Chrysler’s whole portfolio.”The system you’re going to experience in the next few months is more device-like than it is automotive,” said Ralph Gilles, Fiat Chrysler’s head of design. “We’re talking (million instructions per second) speeds that are as fast as your iPhone and faster in some cases.”In addition to a simpler design, Uconnect now has a home screen that like smartphones users will be able to design with up to five screens and a selection of app and widget layouts.”One of the secrets to our system is we would like for you to get to anywhere you can within two presses,” said Vince Galante, chief designer of user experience. “The goal of the home screen is to get you there in one.”

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