Connected Car: Das wünschen sich die Kunden

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Sehr interessante Studie zum Thema Connected Car und Kundenwünsche.

Most respondents say that the presented connected car services are not yet available to them. This is especially the case for “premium” use cases (e.g. concierge services are not available for 69% of respondents).

However, the availability of services increases proportionately with the price of the vehicle. Many more connected car services are available to premium vehicle drivers than they are to mini and compact car drivers.

Connected car services which have been available for some time now (e.g. real-time traffic information, remote services, street condition warnings) are also the ones which are more likely to have already been used by drivers. For instance, real-time traffic information is already available to 50% of respondents, and with 40% adoption, this is certainly one of the more mature connected car use cases. As a result, with increasing maturity, well-established connected car services can be seen as a differentiator when choosing a car.

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