Connected Car: Der Wettbewerb um den Kunden gleicht einem Schönheitswettbewerb der Automobilindustrie

Die Automobilindustrie buhlt darum, die Kunden in ihre Ökosystem und Plattformen zu bekommen. Der Grund sind die Daten der Kunden. In Zukunft wird also das beste Ökosystem gewinnen und der Wettbewerb um die Kunden wird zu einem Schönheitswettbewerb der Automobilindustrie!

Carmakers are becoming open to setting up the sort of free-wheeling relationships normally associated with internet dating agencies in a bid to keep their connected car services up-to-date and relevant to consumers.

Leading the charge into this brave new partnering world is BMW CarData platform that offers services providers an entrée into its customers’ data. This fledgling service offers a platform in BMW products for service providers to access customers’ data where those customers want to take up a service. These third-party providers then pay monthly fees for access to the data on a sliding scale depending on the volume of customers involved.

Christian Clauss, project manager BMW CarData, told TU-Automotive: “We are testing with customers at the moment through their internal fleets. We have also completed customer clinics to test and carry out some refinements of the service.”

Of course, the success for any third-party’s offering will depend on how appealing it becomes to the car owner, said Clauss. He added: “We hope among the first will be the low hanging fruits such as pay-as-you-drive insurance where you don’t have to estimate your annual mileage the insurer just pulls out the data so you only pay for what you’ve driven.

“This will appeal to the folks who are open to technology and have smart homes and they are more likely to use these kinds of services than the more senior drivers who possibly are not as keen to use digital services at all. If the offer to the customer is really great and has a real value and benefit to them, then customers are more likely to open up. Whereas, if it’s some weird company offering a service no-one can understand, then the customer will not be going to allow them the data.”

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