Connected Car: Die Carbots kommen!

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Die sogenannten Carbots, virtualle Assistenten, halten Einzug ins Fahrzeug. Ich zeige Euch heute wie!

Carbots are the intelligent assistants deployed in a car which understand human speech, act and learn from their experiences accordingly. They could, in fact, be the real driver of your journey. Moreover, carbots can be extremely useful when it comes to semi or fully autopilot mode in electric/autonomous vehicles.

Carbots work on a principle of ‘your wish is my command’. Following are some of the ways in which carbots transform urban mobility.


First and foremost, carbots need to know you. They want to know a type of person you are, how do you interact with them and what makes you happy. Once they recognize you, they tend to provide the most personalized experiences to you.

Errands & Schedule

Carbots help you maintain your to-do list of the day, reminds you of your upcoming meetings and help you organize your commute accordingly.

Look & Feel

You own a convertible car and your spouse drives the same. You like to drive it with open-air mode while your spouse prefers the enclosed one. Similarly, you want the seating in a sports mode whereas she/he would like a comfort mode. This personalized experience can easily be possible, once you’re identified by the carbots.

In addition to the that, they can also setup your vehicle’s inside temperature according to your preferences and load your favorite playlist with respect to your choice.


Now that you’re known to your carbots, they can communicate with you in a similar way as someone acquainted talks to you (because it’s personalized). They can update you about the operational details and you can also give your instructions accordingly.


Car warnings have become mainstream in most vehicles, but they don’t give you a lot of details. An orange light can only alert you to check a particular component but that’s about it. Carbots can help you drive safely and it can take care of all your maintenance, be it your brake oil or wheels’ alignment.


Just like fruit is to banana, car is to drive. Smooth drive is the ultimate goal of an overall car experience. Should you wish to slow down, go fast or to stop by the next supermarket, all you have to do is just to ask carbots and they’ll do it for you.

As autonomous vehicles become more popular, carbots will play a key role in operating such vehicles efficiently. It’s about integrating right technology at the right time and then as the time goes by, along with the tech giants, SMEs will also find it feasible to start developing carbots.

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