Connected Car: GMC Hummer kommt mit Unreal Engine von Epic

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Der elektrische GMC Hummer wird das erste Fahrzeug mit der Unreal Engine von Epic, allen Gamern vermutlich ein Begriff. Wow, sehenswertes Video!

Epic says carmakers like GMC and the user interface and user experience designers tasked with crafting the software that car owners will interact with in the finished product can do more and do it faster using tools like Unreal Engine. Epic says this should empower designers to have a more active role in the development of the software.
“In traditional HMI workflows, UI/ UX designers produce ‘hero screens’ or reference images that outline how the UI is supposed to look. They rarely get to see their designs in action soon enough to iterate on them, because it’s up to engineers to implement the design and the functionality into the vehicle,” Epic explains. Unreal Engine is also a cross-platform game engine, which means designers could easily preview new builds in prototype vehicles on iOS or Android tablets without needing to duplicate efforts by rebuilding the software to work on mobile devices.


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