Connected Car: In-Car-Commerce als Wachstumstreiber

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Interessanter Artikel über die Wichtigkeit von In-Car Commerce für das Wachstum bei Connected-Car-Diensten.

Americans spend a lot of time driving to and from work, so it’s no surprise that they also spend a lot of money during their commutes. According to The Digital Drive Report by PYMNTS and Visa, commuters spend approximately $212 billion annually. So, as demand for connected vehicles continues to grow, so does ad revenue. By partnering with brands looking to reach consumers on the go, OEMs can use in-car ads and commerce to offset the costs of maintaining and managing connected services in their vehicles.

For this in-car monetization model to work, OEMs will need to deliver personalized, relevant experiences for drivers that help them save time, save money, stay safe, and reduce stress. The secret to making this work is through the collection and analysis of vehicle data.
Using vehicle data will not only allow OEMs to offer improved, real-time map and navigation systems that help drivers avoid unsafe road conditions and delay, but it will also help deliver contextual and predictive in-car offers that help – and not annoy – drivers. From a context and value perspective, relevant recommendations, such as coupons or a prompt to order coffee on the way to work, can be delivered to customers based on anonymized information from the vehicle, including frequently traveled routes, typical destinations, and time of day. Running late for dinner? A recommendation can help a driver safely order and pick up a pizza on the way home. Low on gas? Drivers can be alerted of nearby stations along their route, potentially with discount offers.

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