Connected Car: Mercedes-Benz veröffentlicht API

Mercedes-Benz ist der erste Hersteller, der seine API zu den onlinefähigen Fahrzeugen veröffentlicht hat. Wow!

Mercedes-Benz, in collaboration with High Mobility, has launched their first experimental API! “Connected Vehicles” which allows access to important telematics data, status info and vehicle functions from virtual Mercedes-Benz cars. Experiment with individual status data from the car’s current location to tire pressure status and the option to remotely open and close the car’s doors.

Mercedes-Benz cars are able to transmit certain telematics data to your application depending on which services are available and are in use.

List of available data points and functionalities (more to come):
Vehicles: vehicle information as horse power, color name, fuel type, number of doors and seats, model year etc.
Tires: information about the tire pressure
Doors: door status, functionality to lock/unlock doors
Location: current geo-location of the vehicle
Odometer: information about the mileage
Fuel: current fuel level
State of charge: current status of the battery pack (electric vehicle)

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