Connected Car: Nissan zeigt Augmented Reality Display auf CES

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Nissan hat ein neues Display entwickelt, das Augmented Reality dazu nutzt, um Geschehnisse um das Auto herum zu zeigen und vorherzusehen.

Nissan has developed a new in-car interface that uses augmented reality to track what’s happening around you and predict what’s coming up on the road ahead.

Invisible-to-Visible (I2V) combines local data from the car’s sensors with global data on transport infrastructure to track your immediate surroundings and predict what’s ahead – even letting you ’see‘ through buildings and around corners.

To make the information more accessible, it can be presented by a virtual ’navigator‘ – an avatar that appears inside the car and interacts with you in a human-like way using speech synthesis. This could be a cartoon character, a virtual representation of a friend or family member, or someone else.

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