Connected Car: Pirelli bringt vernetzte Reifen auf den Markt

Pirelli bringt vernetzte Reifen auf den Markt. Interessant! Auch mit Video.

The Cyber Car consists of a tiny, ultra-light sensor integrated into each tire liner. Think of it as a tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS) with a degree from an Ivy League school. These sensors monitor a long list of data points and send the information they gather to the cloud, which in turn beams it back to a control unit mounted inside the windshield. It’s like a transponder for toll booths but smaller and more discreet. Cyber Car allows the driver to check the tire pressure, the tread wear, and the tire temperature, among other parameters, even on-the-go.

Cyber Car sends visual and audible alerts when it detects something is wrong. When a tire gets too worn, for example, or if its pressure falls below a certain threshold. The driver can accept the notification and, hopefully, make a mental note of it. Motorists can also use the system to make an appointment with a Pirelli-authorized retailer to fix the problem.

Right now, the information gathered by Pirelli’s smart tires gets displayed on a purpose-designed smartphone application named Connesso. We got a brief demonstration of it on the side-lines of this year’s Geneva Auto Show and found it’s intuitive to use. We like its simple layout; it’s not an overload of complicated jargon that doesn’t make sense unless you’re a mechanic or a tire geek. The app uses numbers, colors, and an easy-to-read gauge to display basic information. It responds quickly to input.


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