Connected Car: Porsche öffnet AUTO API für Drittanbieter

Porsche öffnet seine AUTO API für Drittanbieter. Super spannend!

Today HIGH MOBILITY launches its new, intuitive, car-branded workspaces; dedicated stations within which you and your team can collaborate on your car application or service idea. Utilising virtual cars from industry leader Porsche — with more manufacturers to be announced soon - you can test, improve upon and iterate on your project in a true-to-life environment. At the cutting edge of IoT innovation, these changes embody the very best elements of our platform, the latest in API technology and the HIGH MOBILITY team’s decade-long experience working with connected car initiatives.What’s new?You can now create your app and build your team in our streamlined workspaces, submit your work to be considered for a pilot with a leading car manufacturer, experiment with next-generation car emulators, dig into extensive resources and learning materials and check out our showcase of featured developers to see what’s possible via the implementation of one of our SDKs. And all this in conjunction with sports car manufacturer Porsche - with more carmakers to be announced very soon.Inside one of the new workspacesCar-Branded WorkspacesThrough partnerships with leading carmakers - and launching today with Porsche — we’re now able to offer you and your team unique, designated, car-branded spaces to build and test your applications in.Within both your personal and team stations you’ll have access to all of the carmakers’ digital models of their connected vehicles. Vehicle APIs will be found in the workspaces and it’s here you will also find carmaker-led hackathons for you to take part in.AUTO APIThe core of our platform is the HIGH MOBILITY AUTO API. This is a standardised car API which significantly aids app development as it enables developers to test out their app on a range of vehicle models without adjusting the app itself. As part of the new platform, developers not only have direct access to this standardised car API, they can also make use of all of the tools and resources developers need to work with it. On the new platform, this standardisation now covers over 200 APIs.

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