Connected Car: SEAT zeigt vernetzte Car2X-Kommunikation mit Ampeln

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Interessanter Beitrag über den Einsatz von vernetzten Fahrzeugen und Ampeln bei SEAT.

Vehicles connected with traffic lights and road infrastructure

The vehicle used in this pilot project is equipped with the necessary technology to connects with its surroundings and receive information uploaded by the Traffic Authority to the cloud, which in turn enables the driver to anticipate what lies ahead in real-time.

Start slowing down, it’s about to turn red

Traffic light sends a signal to the Traffic Authority’s cloud about the current status and the time when it is going to change. This information is then sent to the car, which interprets it and alerts the driver of the upcoming status depending on the speed of the car.

How does it work?

When a vehicle is approaching a traffic light, an alert appears on the screen showing whether it will be red, green or yellow when it arrives, as the system performs a calculation based on how far away the car is and the speed it is traveling at. One important note for safety is that it only works as long as the vehicle is not exceeding the speed limit. On the contrary, the system will no longer alert the driver.

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