Connected Car: SEAT’s Drone warnt vor gefährlichen Situationen

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SEAT arbeitet anscheinend an einer Drone, die vor lauernden Gefahren im Verkehr warnt und mit dem Fahrzeug kommuniziert. Unbedingt das Video anschauen!

But car maker SEAT is testing new technology which detects potential hazards in the road and ‘talks’ to the vehicle, which instantly alerts the driver on the dashboard.

Sensors and cameras monitoring the road ahead detect objects – moving or stationary – and relay images to a ‘Multi-Access Edge Computing’ server.

The MEC server uses artificial vision software to analyse the image and determine whether the obstacle, such as a cyclist, could pose a safety issue.

Once the data is analysed, it sends an alert to the connected vehicle and an alarm appears on the car’s instrument panel – warning the driver they must proceed with caution.

The whole process from detecting the obstacle to conveying the information on the car’s screen takes just five milliseconds.

Humans, in comparison, generally take about 150 milliseconds to react to touch, sight and smell – making the potentially life-saving technology 30 times faster than the naked eye.

SEAT is trialling the system in Robledillo de la Jara, a remote Spanish village with 90 inhabitants, using a drone to patrol the road ahead of a vehicle.

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