Connected Car: Studie zum Wert von Connected Services im Fahrzeug


Sehr interessante Übersicht zum Wert von Connected Services im Fahrzeug. Unbedingt anschauen!

Connected services subscription income can reach 1.000€ per car:
The various use cases analyzed in our CCI 2021 study offer automotive manufacturers considerable sales potential in the future. For the year 2030, an assessment of the sales potential was carried out for the individual service packages on the basis of various assumptions. In total, this results in a sales volume of approx. 800 to 1,000 euros for the year 2030. The range results from the different price positions of brands and the different purchasing power of the main global markets.
Interestingly, that’s more pessimistic than Rivian’s recent assumptions: Rivian told it expects to generate $15,500 in extra income per vehicle over its expected 10 year useful life — $10,000 for the Level 3 self driving package and an additional $5,500 for all those other subscription add ons.

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