Connected Car: Tesla arbeitet an 4D-Sensoren


Tesla bereitet anscheinend ein „4D“-Update für seine Sensoren des Autopiloten vor. Spannend!

Now we learn that Tesla is looking to update the radar with a new 4D sensor technology from an Israeli startup called Arbe Robotics.

We have two different indications that Tesla is preparing to move to the new radar technology.

Firstly, the Tesla software hacker known as “green,” who has reliably been finding hints of new features by sleuthing in Tesla’s software updates, alerted us that the automaker added a new radar option called ‘Phoenix” in a recent software update.

Phoenix is the name of Arbe’s radar system. From the company’s website:

Phoenix, Arbe’s radar chipset solution, services real-world driving needs by identifying, assessing, and responding to challenging scenarios from the common to the exceptional with 4D ultra-high resolution real-time imaging. No matter the speed, elevation, proximity, size, or surrounding weather and lighting conditions, Phoenix differentiates true threats from false alarms to ensure a safe road ahead for drivers, pedestrians, and other vulnerable road users.

The company describes its technology as a breakthrough for radar:
Arbe’s proprietary baseband processing chip integrates radar processing unit (RPU) architecture with embedded radar signal processing algorithms to convert massive amounts of raw data in real-time while maintaining low silicon power consumption. Arbe’s patent pending processing chip manages up to 48 Rx channels in combination with 48 Tx channels in real-time, generating 30 frames per second of full 4D image, with equivalent processing throughput of 3 Tb/sec.

According to the specs, it would almost double the range of Tesla’s current radar to 300 meters (984 feet).

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