Connected Car: Tesla erhält Patent für holografisches Display


Tesla hat sich ein holografisches Display patentieren lassen.

The design refresh appears to have been delayed to next year, but it looks like Tesla really wants to bring this bezel-less design to its vehicles and it doesn’t plan to rely on other people’s technology.
Tesla filed for a new patent application for a display screen with holographic glass around it that can “reduce or eliminate the visibility of a boundary between the displaying portions of the system and the non-displaying portions”, which is more commonly known as a bezel-less display.
The automaker describes the technology in the new patent application released today:
“An exemplary system includes a display screen including a plurality of pixels forming a first periodic structure and a frame surrounding at least a portion of the display screen. The frame may include a holographic structure having a second periodic structure. The first pitch of the first periodic structure may be within 0.5 percent to 20 percent of the second pitch of the second periodic structure.”

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