Connected Car: Tesla nutzt Innenraum-Kamera des Model 3 für Personalisierung


Tesla will die Kamera im Model 3 für die Personalisierung des Fahrzeugerlebnisses verwenden.

The automaker applied for a patent called ‘Personalization System and Method for a Vehicle based on Spatial Locations of Occupants’ Body Portions’: “The following described implementations may be found in the disclosed personalization system and method for a vehicle based on spatial locations of body portions of occupants in the vehicle. Exemplary aspects of the disclosure may include a personalization system that may include an image-capture device and circuitry in an in-vehicle electronic device. The disclosed personalization system, for example, the in-vehicle electronic device, increases improves an overall in-vehicle comfort and entertainment experience for the vehicle occupants. The personalization system provides an advanced, intelligent, and an automatic personalization of in-vehicle systems in real-time or near-real time for enhanced and consistent in-vehicle comfort and entertainment experience, both before and during a drive.” In short, they plan to use a camera to recognize occupants and automatically apply specific settings personalized to them.

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