Connected Car: Was macht eigentlich das Startup Otonomo?

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Extrem interessantes Interview hier mit Otonomo, einer der "heißesten" Firmen im Bereich Connected Car.

2025AD: You promise to make the driving experience “safer, smarter and more convenient”. How so? Volkow: Otonomo seeks to unlock the maximum value of connected cars and autonomous vehicles. There are so many possibilities, in the short term we expect this to manifest as predictive maintenance or improve convenience by helping to identify open parking spaces in a busy city. When you’re driving on a road trip, you might get information about your optimal route, your favorite restaurants in the area or the best places to refuel. We want the center console to be as user friendly and “sticky” as a smartphone screen – ideally while driving in a connected car, there should be no reason to look at your phone, and that is a safety benefit unto itself. Perhaps the most important use case is emergency services. The connected car, with automatic crash detection, can provide first responders with critical information, including the force of the impact, how many people are in the car, if they were wearing seatbelts, if the car rolled over, and if so, how many times. All of this can improve time of response and improve care. In an accident every second matters, and Otonomo helps make this data available instantly.As more intelligence enters the ecosystem, we will see accident avoidance solutions, or autonomous vehicles networked together, optimizing their routes to avoid traffic jams. We want to reach a point that if a developer can imagine it, they can build it with Otonomo. 2025AD: Can you describe how the data is collected and processed? What kind of data can Otonomo make use of? Volkow: Every vehicle logs its data in different ways; Otonomo ingests automotive data from multiple sources and processes, normalizes, and enriches it to meet privacy and compliance requirements and to maximize its value. The Otonomo platform was built from the ground up to handle automotive data, addressing core needs such as data anonymization and normalization, security, market management, accounting, billing, privacy protection, regulatory compliance, and more. We consider Otonomo to be the Rosetta Stone of vehicle data; we are working to standardize this data from every sensor in every vehicle. 2025AD: Who are your clients? Can you name some use cases they have for your service? Volkow: Otonomo has built a diverse ecosystem of over 75 partners, providing services such as vehicle preventive maintenance, public safety, parking/mapping, and other use cases. There are multiple use cases that Otonomo has observed emerging in the market today, all of which will have a profoundly positive impact on our lives. Preventative maintenance can help drivers and fleet managers. Smart cities can learn from our data, where potholes need to be patched, or where traffic is congested or to manage emissions. Local businesses can make personalized recommendations for relationship building with consumers. Eventually, machine learning may even train autonomous vehicles to operate more safely and efficiently.

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