Connected Car: Was steckt hinter der Car.SW Org von Volkswagen?

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Was steckt eigentlich hinter der Car.SW Org von Volkswagen? Schauen wir uns an!

The Car.SW Org. – established on January 1, 2020 – is a software company and 100% subsidiary within the Volkswagen Group that creates a unifying operating system for over 10 million new vehicles per year and paves Volkswagen's way to become a software-driven car company. With different locations in Germany, China and the US, Car.SW Org. thinks and acts on a global scale. It provides one architecture unifying a standardized infotainment platform, software functions for linking powertrains, chassis and charging technology, ecosystems for all mobility services and digital business models. By doing so, Car.SW Org. combines its German engineering heritage with a clear focus on outstanding digital automotive experiences to not only anticipate tomorrow's mobility – but to shape it for everyone.

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