Connectivity: Diebstahl persönlicher Daten als großes Risiko

Wir beschäftigen uns hier laufend mit dem Datenschutz und Datensicherheit und das Thema ist enorm wichtig, wenn wir über vernetzte Fahrzeuge reden. Warum lest ihr hier!

So what does my super connected car mean to hackers? Three of the following probably:

  • Take Control
  • Digging for information
  • Disrupting services I may be connected to

So what does more connectivity mean? It means access. Just on a basic level. It means lots of access points that didn't exist before and now provide hours of fun trying to crack.

Let's just look at personal data theft. It's almost become a way of life in many verticals, automotive is next. It could be as simple as installing malware on ECUs or just information leakage. Just imagine where you could place ransomware. The FBI suggest in 2016 that revenues were $1bn. Hit a whole fleet of vehicles, or even the commercial vehicle that delivers goods to companies (or a whole fleet).

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