Connectivity: Was Automobilhersteller vom IoT Sektor lernen können

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Was können Automobilhersteller von Anbieter aus dem Internet of Things Sektor lernen? Sehr lesenswert, klickt unbedingt auf "Quelle" unten!

In many ways, the connected car can be considered the ultimate “thing” in the IoT. These data centers on wheels are truly the epitome of everyone’s best hopes and greatest challenges when it comes to the IoT.

With often more than 100 onboard computers continuously monitoring location, component performance, driving behavior, and more, experts estimate that highly automated vehicles will generate four terabytes of data per hour! And, as our transportation systems become even more connected through vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) and vehicle-to-infrastructure (V2I) communication, the amount of data generated is going to shift into overdrive.

As a result, automakers and their partners are beginning to experience many of the same challenges that enterprises in other industries have, including managing an overwhelming number of connected devices and the huge volume of data they generate, as well as challenges related to security, pervasive connectivity, bandwidth optimization, and more.

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