Geschäftsmodell: Daimler schließt Partnerschaft mit otonomo

Daimler schließt eine Partnerschaft mit otonomo. Sehr spannend!

Otonomo, the first neutral automotive data services platform, today announced that it has partnered with Daimler AG on a Neutral Server initiative to provide Mercedes-Benz connected car customers with exciting new services while adhering to international data privacy regulations.
Services that will be delivered to customers include usage-based insurance (pay as you drive), on-demand fueling, smart electric vehicle charging and various others designed to make customers’ lives on the road more convenient. Otonomo and Daimler enable customers to be in control of their data through a convenient mobile app that provides at-a-glance visibility into what data is being shared and the ability to revoke permissions at any time. On the backend, the platform ensures compliance with international privacy regulations like GDPR. By serving as a central point for consent management flows, the Otonomo Consent Management Hub simplifies integration and delivers high scalability for automotive OEMs and all service providers in the network.
The Otonomo Neutral Server, part of the Otonomo automotive Data Services Platform, addresses key neutral server requirements:

  • Clear consent management: Privacy and data protection are central principles of the Otonomo Neutral Server. It ensures that personal automotive data is only shared with third-party service providers with customer permission — that is, permission on a per-service basis. As such, the Neutral Server keeps vehicle manufacturers and service providers in full compliance with privacy regulations like GDPR.
  • Security consciousness: Otonomo’s Neutral Server helps vehicle manufacturers keep Mercedes-Benz customers safe by partitioning access to connected car data from critical vehicle functions, eliminating chances of impacting core vehicle capabilities.
  • Standardized interoperability: By supporting standard, Web services-based access, the Otonomo Neutral Server enables service providers to develop a single interface to automotive data that works with all vehicle makes and models. In addition, service providers can bring innovative offerings to life much faster because they don’t have to enter into separate contract negotiations with each OEM.

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