Digitalisierung: 10 essentielle Maßnahmen für jede erfolgreiche Digitalstrategie!

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Heute mal eher etwas zum Thema Digitalisierung und die 10 wichtigsten Maßnahmen, die Ihr für eine erfolgreiche Digitalstrategie beachten müsst! Hatte ich schon mal erwähnt, dass Daten und Analytics wichtig sind 😉

Marc Andreessen famously proclaimed that software is eating the world and that the best software companies will win in every sector. The arrival of software and digitalization strategies are impacting every aspect of business and changing the rules of the game in every front. In its pure form, we have the Digital Titans – Alphabet, Amazon, Apple, IBM, Tencent, Baidu, and Alibaba. These titans operate solely in the digital domain and have become a threat to incumbent firms everywhere. Incumbents have to respond by conceiving their own digital strategy.

    1. Collect Data to Understand Your Customers
    2. Leverage the Virtual Product
    3. Redefine Product Upgrades
    4. Use Analytics and Experimentation
    5. Treat Data as a Product
    6. Understand Algorithms as Codified Know-How
    7. Be a Digital Innovator
    8. Strive for Platform Business Models
    9. Think Ecosystems, Not Competitors
    10. Create a “Digital You”

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