Digitalisierung: Die Digital Production Platform von Volkswagen


Sehr interessanter Artikel über die Volkswagen Industrial Cloud und die neue Digital Production Platform.

Until recently, many different IT systems have been used for manufacture, production and logistic processes. In fact, the last two decades have brought a multitude of new digital tools, machinery and IT systems to the Volkswagen group. This has increasingly led to complex, heterogeneous and fragmented IT environments and sometimes even a lack of transparency and a lot of unnecessary overlap and duplication. We were therefore faced with the challenge of how to control and manage all these different systems, reduce local complexity and enhance overall efficiency.We realized that we needed an industrial ecosystem — a uniform architecture for all the Volkswagen Group brands and plants. That’s why we’ve decided to build what we call the Digital Production Platform, a global cloud-based and use case-driven industry platform that connects all production facilities in the Volkswagen Group. Providing a standardized data layer as well as standardized device connectivity, it will remove major barriers and enable seamless and integrated information flow between different levels of production and different regions. This will help us gather and synchronize data from all machines and systems in all our plants in real-time and, in addition, provide us with new insights into production processes. Our new platform consists of data, device, and analytics services and will also help us develop standardized and scalable apps.

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