Digitalisierung: Die Volkswagen Industrial Cloud vernetzt die Werke


Heute schauen wir uns einmal die Volkswagen Industrial Cloud an.

It is a huge project: by developing the Industrial Cloud, the Volkswagen Group is amalgamating production data from more than 120 factories on a powerful digital platform. The objective: greater efficiency and lower costs. Long-term, the plan is to make suppliers part of the cloud as well, which would increase the benefits of the data exchange. This dossier explains how the development works and what benefits the cloud already yields.

Development is progressing at tremendous pace: after the first stage, with the sites in Chemnitz, Wolfsburg (both Germany) and Polkowice (Poland) in 2019, 15 additional European factories from Palmela (Portugal) to Mlada Boleslav (Czech Republic) joined the Industrial Cloud in 2020. And the first North-American plants were added. The team in charge, from production and IT, is aiming to add 24 additional sites to the platform in 2021 – including in South America. This would see all of the Group’s major car and component plants connected. Expansion is continuing rapidly even during the coronavirus pandemic – by digital means.

The corporation drives the cloud in collaboration with Amazon Web Services (AWS). Volkswagen contributes its extensive knowledge of industrial processes and excellent production, and AWS the expertise in machine learning and cloud computing services. Integration partner Siemens ensures the efficient integration of production systems, machines and installations of various manufacturers in the global plants. The basis of the Industrial Cloud is Volkswagen’s Digital Production Platform (DPP), onto which all of the Group’s sites will dock in the future. The platform standardises and simplifies the exchange of data across systems and plants.
The highest standards ensure data security: for example, integration via the cloud makes it easier to identify the use of unfamiliar software and to react quickly. What’s more, Volkswagen also saves all information processed in the Industrial Cloud in a kind of digital safe deposit box. Volkswagen therefore has complete control over who the data is exchanged with, and for what purpose.

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