Digitalisierung: Disruptionen in der Automobilbranche

Sehr spannender Artikel heute über die stattfindenden Disruptionen in der Automobilbranche. Must read!

Connected cars are one of the most noticeable applications of the (smart) Internet of Things (IoT) in the automotive industry, powering functionalities like vehicle communications, vehicle monitoring, self-parking and others. This new generation of vehicles is equipped with internet access to devices in- and outside. Connected to smartphones, public infrastructure, other vehicles, car manufacturers, and cloud infrastructure, connected cars are to become one of the most important personal items. Moreover, the Internet of Things also allows for the monitoring of a vehicle in real-time, offering remote diagnostic services and reminders in regards to maintenance services.From the production side, the utilization of Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) devices drastically improves the efficiency and productivity of manufacturing operations, cutting down delivery times for new vehicles. Through connecting vehicles, OEMs can ensure that their manufacturing process moves smoothly.

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