Digitalisierung: Einblicke in Volkswagen’s Digital Production Platform


Spannender Artikel über Volkswagen‘s Digital Production Platform.

As one of the world’s leading automobile manufacturers, the Volkswagen Group is heavily involved in digital transformation. Digitalization is not only changing the car itself, but it’s also transforming how we build it. In fact, the Volkswagen Group is now much more than an automotive manufacturer. We’re on the way to becoming a tech and software-enabled car company and are working hard to continue to be at the forefront of innovation.However, we can no longer continue to simply focus on organizational structures and processes only on the brand level or the local level. To make our group and our brands fit for the future, we also have to look at these structures and processes on a global level. As challenges increase in scope and complexity, collaboration becomes ever more important. This means that we have, on the one hand, to better exploit existing synergies in and between divisions and regions and, on the other, to create new ones. And that’s where our new Digital Production Platform comes in.

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